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Velox V10 "WC"
The Velox V10 "WC" nitro touring car features the latest innovations designed by Patrick Schäfer and Alex Kempe including the input from team drivers and customers all over the world. The use of top quality materials like carbon fiber, high quality plastic compounds and durable 7075 T6 aluminium throughout the Velox V10 "WC" gives a hint to this car's racing pedigree claiming one European Championship TQ/title, a 2nd place at the ENS overall ranking 2014/2016 and many national titels in the past. It includes nearly all the new parts that were already succesfully used at the World Championship in Gubbio with Simon Kurzbuch making the most out of them claiming the second position after qualifying and the 3rd overall position with the fastest lap of the main final.

A new chassis plate as well as a new radioplate with an excentric insert allows to mount the servo saver in two different position doubling the possible ackermann settings. Furthermore the radioplate features two different steering servo mount positions giving additional options for the weight distribution.

The rear end comes with new gearbox bulkheads, new diff bulkheads as well as a carbon stiffener connecting the new bulkheads for various flex options increasing the traction especially under acceleration.

The front knuckles are equipped with an carbon extension for different steering geometry settings to finetune the V10 for various track conditions.

While the bearings of the differentials already are mounted in plastic excentrics to adjust the belt tension by opening only 4 screws the small bearings of the middle shaft and the gear shaft are installed in simple plastic bushings to reduce vibrations.

Another special feature is the very small, blue anodized aluminium servo saver which is extremly light. By opening one single screw the user can easily adjust the setting of the front part of the servo saver, enabling quick Ackerman adjustments even without removing the body shell.

Pivotballs in the lower front and rear wishbones, which made of high quality plastic material, simplify the adjustment of the proper length of the anti-roll bar linkage saving some time when fine-tuning the car.

New items:

  • - Chassisplate for different servo saver positions
  • - Radioplate with excentric bushing for the servo saver axle
  • - Rear bulkheads for carbon stiffener
  • - Gearbox bulkheads for carbon stiffener with bushings for ball bearings
  • - Rear end carbon stiffener
  • - Middle bearing block with bushings for ball bearings
  • - Carbon extensions for front uprights
  • - Front uprights (r+l)

General features:

  • - Innovative “Direct-V-Brake System”
  • - Super lightweight hard coated aluminium brake discs
  • - Ball raced front and rear anti-roll bars
  • - Hollowed lightweight 2-speed shaft
  • - Symmetrical chassis plate
  • - Front lower wishbone with adjustable roll-center settings
  • - Front and rear belt tension adjustable without disassembly
  • - Wheel axles mounted from the outside for easy maintenance and set-up
  • - Top mounted fuel tank with adjustable volume
  • - Front and rear CVDs made of spring steel
  • - Hard-coated aluminium pinions
  • - “Velox Competition Clutch” with extra strong spring
  • - Well-proven “Velox Revolutionary Shock System”

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