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Tuesday, 31 March 2015
In cooperation with two premium Italian manufacturers Shepherd created a high quality label for on-road foam tyres: Shepherd Tyres.


Shepherd Tyres offer excellent grip under various track conditions combined with low tyre wear. Tyres produced by Enneti (#SH) work best on low grip tracks while Shepherd Tyres by Matrix give an advantage on high grip tracks. All tyres can be ordered on white standard rims and special carbon rims for 1/8 on-road, 1/10 touring, 1/10 pan-car, 1/12 pan-car and 1/10 touring 235mm (on request).

In 2015 Shepherd tyres are the mandatory tyres for the 1/8 Euros A and ENS in Ettlingen, the 1/8 German Championship in Türkheim and the 1710 German Championhship in Leipzig.

Link: Shepherd Tyres

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