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Velox V8 "EC" 2015
Thursday, 12 March 2015
The Velox V8 "EC" 2015 is the latest version of the ENS 2015 winning 1/8 nitro on-road car made by Shepherd Micro Racing. The use of top quality materials like carbon fiber, high quality plastic compounds and durable 7075 T6 aluminium throughout the Velox V8 "EC" 2015 gives a hint to this cars racing pedigree claiming 6 European Championship and many national titels in the past.

The extra long front bumper has a special shape for a better seating of the body which is additionally supported by wide integrated body mounts. Several aerodynamic features improve the air flow resulting in more front steering and higher top speed.

The front and the rear end are equipped with new 2-piece bulkheads machined from high quality blue anodized 7075 T6 aluminium which allow an easy access to the front one-way shaft and rear solid axle respectively reducing the time for maintenance significantly and saving valuable track time.

The single piece electronic tray features a laid down gasservo as well as the possibility to use a receiver box. Fixed by only three screws, all the electronics can be removed quickly and easily for maintenance.

The rear wishbones sport a pivotball for anti-roll bar linkage making it easier to adjust the correct length of the linkage while the anti-roll bar itself is ball raced in the rear bulkheads for a minimum of play and drag.The arms for the rear body mount feature two mounting holes making it possible to raise the body by 7,5mm which results in more overall downforce and a higher corner speed. The rear shock tower feautres and extra long slot for additional room to adjust the centering pin position.

The aluminium radioplate mount features an ultra precise flex system with a sliding bar fixed by ball bearings. The radio plate is mounted on the sliding bar for optimized transversal flex. To fix the radio plate and drive without flex only two screws are needed.

The steering linkage is equipped with extra small pivot balls and ball joints with less play and wear compared to the previous versions while the rest of the car is equipped with long-lasting steel pivot balls. Optional available are aluminium pivot balls for racers concentrating on weight savings.

Helping to keep the car stable through the corners is the long time proved 'Velox Revolutionary Shock System' (VRS-System), hard coated aluminium shock absorbers that sport a spring loaded expansion chamber in place of a rubber diaphragm, a system that helps absorb small bumps while keeping the cars wheels on the track.

Transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the car utilizes the lightweight Velox Competition Clutch (VCC) equipped with hardcoated aluminium pinions, which provides plenty of punch while maintaining a consistent setting. The clutch powers the cars improved lightweight 2-speed gearbox, that is designed to not only perform well but aids to the cars ease of maintenance by removing the need for the re-alignment of the engine following spur gear changes. The 8mm gear shaft is hollowed for significant weight savings while still being durable.

The Velox 'Direct-V-Brake System' (DVB-System) provides durable and powerful braking through the use of rear axle mounted brake disks and a cable activated braking system. Upon applying the brake on your transmitter, the cable pulls two rear levers that clamp the brake pads against the twin, long life, ventilated aluminium disks providing strong and consistent braking performance every time.

At the front of the Velox V8 “eleven” is the car's steering 'servo saver' that sports a quick one-step easily adjustable Ackerman setting. By loosening only one screw the user can adjust the setting of the front part of the servo saver, enabling quick Ackerman adjustments even while on the track.

Addtional adjustment comes in the form of easy to change front and rear roll centres, the ability to adjust the wheelbase of the car, adjustable belt tension on both the front and rear axles, as well as the usual range of settings that can be applied on today's competition chassis', such as camber, caster, down stops, track width and more.

Feature overview:

  • - Rear/front wishbones for easy anti-roll bar adjustement
  • - Quick roll-centre adjustment for the upper wishbones in the rear/front
  • - Adjustable servo-saver
  • - 2-piece bulkheads front and rear for easy maintenance
  • - Wheel axles mounted from the outside for easy maintenance and set-up
  • - Top mounted fuel tank with adjustable volume and fuel usage until the end
  • - Single piece electronic tray with laid down gas servo and optional receiver box
  • - Aerodynamic front bumper with integrated body mount
  • - Extra long body mount arms for rear body mount
  • - Rear shock tower with extra long slot for the centering pin adjustment
  • - Ball raced wire anti-roll bars front and rear
  • - 8mm lightweight gear shaft
  • - Symmetrical chassis plate made of Swiss 7075 T6
  • - Blue anodised aluminium bulkheads and hinge pin brackets (7056 T6)
  • - High quality carbon fiber radio plate
  • - CVDs and driveshafts made of spring steel
  • - Super lightweight hardcoated aluminium brake discs
  • - Hardcoated front body mounts
  • - Steel pivot balls for less play and lower wear
  • - Hardcoated aluminium pinions
  • - Innovative 'Direct-V-Brake System'
  • - Well-proven 'Velox Revolutionary Shock System'
  • - 'Velox Competition Clutch' with extra strong spring
  • - Velox-Easy-Flex ball raced sliding bar for optimized chassis flex

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